Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Weather News

Weather News :- Rain to continue at most places over sub-Himalayan WB and Sikkim while at many places over most parts of the country except west & NW India, where it may occur at isolated places. Some relief likely over NW from ongoing heat.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mansoon News

Northwest India would be hot. Rain/thundershowers would occur at many places over west coast, east and NE India, at few places over south peninsula. Mainly dry weather over NW and western parts of the country.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Rabi groundnut is in flowering to pegging stage in Andhra Pradesh. Weather prevailing in the region is helpful for the crop. There are some reports of Spodoptera and Sucking pests in the region which farmers need to take care. In Orissa groundnut crop is at 6 -7 weeks stage. The groundnut crop is at flower initiation stage. In groundnut farmers are completing hoeing and weeding at this stage. Farmers also practice light earthing up for better penetration of pegs.


Bengalgram reached flowering stage in Andhra Pradesh where current weather is positive for the crop stage. Farmers are applying Need based irrigation to the crop at this stage. Few reports of insect pest Helicoverpa is noticed in the fields of Bengal gram which should be effectively controlled by farmers as it may hamper the yield in long-term. Chickpea is at flowering stage in Orissa too. Overall weather in the region is helpful for the stage but there are some reports of helicoverpa pest is this region also.


Projection of bumper mustard seed crop this year on higher acreage and favourable condition. Mustard seed production in 2011-12 is expected to increase at least by 10%. Last year, India produced 60 lakh tons of mustard seeds. Sowing activity in key producing states is progressing well. Timely sown crop is at vegetative stage and intercultural operations like thinning, weeding etc are being carried out in north India. Overall weather is favourable for the crop and there is no major threat of pests and disease as yet.


Paddy harvest is on in Bihar, but the farmers may need 15-day time to dry their harvested paddy, as the agencies concerned would not purchase paddy with high moisture content. Ongoing cold wave in the region may not be favourable in drying process.Weather is mixed for the paddy crop in these areas. Rice transplanting is in progress in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Orissa. The area under is rice is 1.11 lakh hectare against 1.29 lakh hectare during the corresponding period of last year. The area coverage is lower than last year by 18,000 hectare.


Higher production prospects and better stocks could however keep pressure on the market sentiments as markets trade with high volatility. Acreage in major growing regions in AP is also reported higher than the normal sowing acreage. Weather condition in the growing places is favourable for the harvest. The arrivals usually start to reach the market from January onwards. The total production of turmeric in the current year is likely at 90 lakh bags against 70 lakh bags that were reported last year in the same period.


Multching / Husk burial, intercropping may be done in cononut plantations. Intercultural operations like weeding are also being carried out in the plantation. Harvesting of nuts according to the stage is continuing amidst favourable for the crop. In low lands planting of coconut can be done. Mother palm selection and seed nut collection may be started.


The area under wheat has risen marginally to 26.55 million hectare so far in the current rabi season, higher coverage has been reported from Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand in the wake of suitable weather conditions. Farmers in Punjab, Haryana & UP are happy with the weather as it is proving beneficial for the standing wheat crop. The decline in mercury and widespread fog in various parts of the states has lightened up the prospects of good production of wheat this year. The cold weather is favourable for the crop as the use of pesticides has been minimal this time. In Bihar timely sown wheat is 30 days old and is about to enter the crown root initiation stage which is most critical stage in Wheat crop. This stage is also water sensitive and scarcity of water at this stage may lead to less productivity. Irrigation to the crop is being applied followed by second dose of the fertilizers.

Black pepper

Crop is at berry development to maturation stage in Kerala. There are reports of pollu disease in some districts for which farms may take actions. Prevailing weather in Kerala, south Karnataka and Tamil Nadu stands favourable for the pepper vines. Optimum moisture and humidity coupled with irrigation will keep the pepper vines in healthy growing conditions in other major belts. Weather is also favourable for healthy growth of newly planted vines. Pepper harvesting in Kerala has started in many parts and will gather momentum.

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Friday, December 17, 2010


There are projections of bumper Mustard crop this year riding on higher acreage and favourable weather conditions. The crop is in initiation of flowering stage in major growing districts and there is no major threat of pests and disease yet. Mustard production in 2010-11 is expected to increase by 10-15%.

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Optimum temperature for germination of Wheat is 20-22°C. Dry weather and suitable current temperature prevails over Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is favorable for the growth and development of the crop. Area under delayed sowing in Haryana was likely to increase owing to extended monsoon which has resulted in late harvesting of major kharif crops.

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Grape is in flowering stage in major producing districts of Maharasthra and north Karnataka. Mild temperatures in these areas will be congenial for growth and development of the crop but cloudy weather in Sangli and Satara regions of Maharasthra will hit the crop.

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